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Vienna, Austria

Hello everybody!

I'm a senior optimiser at Satalia, a London-based AI-company specialized in optimisation and data science solutions. I mainly work on problems in transportation, rostering and scheduling. My expertise lies in heuristic optimization and constraint programming, and I'm also a passionate software developer. Furthermore, I'm a senior postdoctoral researcher at the University of Klagenfurt in Austria.

Previously, I was a researcher in NICTA's Optimization Group and adjunct research fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Before that, I held a research position at the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, Austria, where I worked on optimizing real-world applications from transportation and logistics. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews, UK in 2010 under supervision of Ian Miguel and Ian Gent. Before that, I did my MSc and BSc at Graz, University of Technology, Austria in Telematics and spent some semesters as an exchange student at KTH Stockholm in Sweden.

I was also a teaching assistant for Pascal van Hentenryck's Coursera course on Discrete Optimization, as well as for Peter Stuckey's Coursera course on Modeling Discrete Optimisation.



  • Solving an On-line Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Structured Time Windows
    Philipp Hungerländer, Kerstin Maier, Jörg Pöcher, Andrea Rendl, and Christian Truden.
    Technical report, Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Mathematics, Optimization Group, TR-AAUK-M-O-17-02-13, 2017.

  • Solving an On-line Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Structured Time Windows
    Philipp Hungerländer, Kerstin Maier, Jörg Pöcher, Andrea Rendl, and Christian Truden.
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  • MiniSearch: a solver-independent meta-search language for MiniZinc
    Andrea Rendl, Tias Guns, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido Tack.
    CP 2015, pp.376-392, pre-print.

  • Balancing Bike Sharing Systems with Constraint Programming
    Luca di Gaspero, Andrea Rendl and Tommaso Urli
    accepted at the Constraints Journal in February 2015, pre-print.

  • Metaheuristics for the Two-Dimensional Container Pre-Marshalling Problem
    Alan Tus, Andrea Rendl and Günther R. Raidl
    LION 2015, pp.186-201, January 2015, pre-print.
    problem instances hosted by TU Vienna

  • Modelling RTP-based Residential Load Scheduling for Demand Response in Smart Grids
    Shan He, Ariel Liebman, Andrea Rendl, Mark Wallace, Campbell Wilson
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  • Stochastic MiniZinc
    Andrea Rendl, Guido Tack and Peter J. Stuckey
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  • Constraint Models for the Container Pre-Marshaling Problem
    Andrea Rendl and Matthias Prandtstetter
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    problem instances:

  • Constraint-based Approaches for Balancing Bike Sharing Systems
    Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Rendl, and Tommaso Urli
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  • Metaheuristics for Solving a Multimodal Home-Healthcare Scheduling Problem
    Gerhard Hiermann, Matthias Prandtstetter, Andrea Rendl, Jakob Puchinger, Günther R. Raidl
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  • A Hybrid ACO+CP for Balancing Bicycle Sharing Systems
    Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Rendl, and Tommaso Urli
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  • Metaheuristics for solving a multimodal home-health care scheduling problem.
    Gerhard Hiermann, Andrea Rendl, Matthias Prandtstetter, Jakob Puchinger, and Günther R. Raidl
    in Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Young Academics' Management Science (YAMS), 2012.

  • The Influence of Accurate Travel Times on a Home Health Care Scheduling Problem
    Matthias Prandtstetter, Andrea Rendl and Jakob Puchinger,
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  • Hybrid Heuristics for Multimodal Homecare Scheduling
    Andrea Rendl, Matthias Prandtstetter, Gerhard Hiermann, Jakob Puchinger and Gunther Raidl,
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  • Multimodal Home Healthcare Scheduling using a novel CP–VND–DP Approach
    Andrea Rendl, Matthias Prandtstetter, Jakob Puchinger
    Late Abstract at CPAIOR 2011.

  • Optimising Quantified Expressions in Constraint Models
    Ian Gent, Ian Miguel, Andrea Rendl
    ModRef 2010

  • Effective Compilation of Constraint Models
    Andrea Rendl, PhD Thesis, January 2010

  • The Cost of Flattening with Common Subexpression Elimination
    Andrea Rendl, Ian Miguel and Ian P. Gent
    pp. 117-131 in Proceedings of ModRef 2009.

  • Common Subexpressions in Constraint Models of Planning Problems
    Andrea Rendl, Ian Miguel, Ian P. Gent and Peter Gregory
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  • Enhancing Constraint Model Instances during Tailoring
    Andrea Rendl, Ian Miguel, Ian P. Gent and Chris Jefferson
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  • A Constraint Model for the Settlers Planning Domain
    Peter Gregory and Andrea Rendl
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  • Common Subexpression Elimination in Automated Constraint Modelling
    Ian P. Gent, Ian Miguel and Andrea Rendl
    Proceedings of the Workshop on Modeling and Solving Problems with Constraints , pp24-30, 2008.

  • Tailoring Solver-independent Constraint Models: A Case Study with Essence' and Minion
    Ian P. Gent, Ian Miguel, Andrea Rendl
    pp. 184-199 in Proceedings of SARA 2007.

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